Wendy Medeiros

Sales Agent
License #02149783

352 Miller Avenue,Mill Valley

Wendy Medeiros has embraced a diverse blend of interests and professions that span over two decades.
She has been a yogic practitioner, and professional yogic educator, an artist, a fashion designer, and now is embarking on her venture into real estate.
Studying these multi-disciplines offers Wendy a distinct perspective that uniquely positions her within the dynamic landscape of real estate.
Wendy notes "I believe we coexist with our spaces." One definition of coexist is: "be" or "live" with the prefix "co",  we "coexist".  She believes we are constantly blending the spiritual and the practical, the creative with the analytical. Her convictions and experience make up her holistic comprehensive approach to real estate transactions, going beyond just the buying and selling process by helping to create a harmonious coexistence ideally suited for each of her clients. 
Homes become not just spaces, the space and the beings who live in them (collaborate) are equal partners towards expanding and personal evolution.  
Connect with Wendy and let her guide your next steps in real estate..... whether it’s building wealth by investing, or finding the perfect place for your next chapter in life via buying or selling.
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