Lucinda Otto

License #01929512

352 Miller Avenue,Mill Valley

Lucinda Otto is an experienced real estate agent who works in San Francisco and Marin.
Lucinda Otto is an experienced Realtor® working in San Francisco and Marin County, California.
What is Green Real Estate?
Green homes are more healthy, comfortable, durable, and resource-efficient. They are located in communities where residents know each other, where they can bike, walk and have access to good public transit. Local governments support recycling, water-conserving landscaping, and public parks. Homes are built or remodeled with an eye to sustainability, both with the materials used and the building practices. They might have solar, rain-capturing systems, or climate-friendly gardens. They could be LEED or NGBS certified, or they might just have small, incremental improvements that make the lives of the people who live in them just a little bit better.
Lucinda Otto is an experienced real estate agent who works in San Francisco and Marin. She holds a Green Designation from the National Association of Realtors. She helps people identify upgrades, large and small, that can make their homes greener and helps sellers capitalize on their green improvements. To celebrate the upcoming centennial of her 1924 California bungalow, Lucinda launched the 100th Birthday Project, a 5-year plan to achieve green certification in time for her home’s big day. Lucinda is a seventh-generation Californian and a Bay Area native, and she’s so happy to have a professional helping this truly amazing little corner of the planet become even better.
Before working in real estate Lucinda was a drama teacher, playwright, and theater director with a background in community organizing. She was an artist-in-residence in the San Francisco Unified School District and directed dozens of plays and musicals with youth and adults. She has a BFA in Drama from NYU, a Masters's degree in Arts Education from Stanford, and was on the faculty at San Francisco State as the Director of the Bay Area Teachers Center, a secondary teacher credentialing program.
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