Kat Miller

Sales Agent
License #02093698

2501 Mission Street,San Francisco

Kat loves interior design and architecture—when she travels, she always visits landmark homes.
Kat Miller was a young surfer in Southern California when her family moved to the balmy Philippines, where she lived with monkeys just outside her house. Her first glimpse of San Francisco came when she moved here to study at the SF Art Institute, and she’s never left (except to work as a photojournalist and celebrity photographer for magazines like TIME, LA Times, and Wired (photographing notables like Yehudi Menuhin, E-40, Merle Haggard, Sheryl Sandberg, and Imelda Marcos).
While raising two girls, training as a yoga teacher, and constantly redecorating her house, her favorite activity has always been visiting homes for sale. Because of the hills and natural beauty of the city, San Francisco has unusually diverse vistas and neighborhoods, which makes it so exciting here.
Kat loves interior design and architecture—when she travels, she always visits landmark homes like the mid-century gem Eames House in LA and the colorful Casa Barragan in Mexico City.
While some see the Bay Area real estate scene as pretty crazy, Kat stays calm, the result of her yoga training as well as having worked in crazy environments, from combat zones to slaughterhouses. She’s also used to working with busy business people and politicians, which helps her cut to the chase.
Even though Kat is not a rare SF native, she has lived here most of her life and encouraged her siblings to join her to put their marks on this great city. Her sister is jazz singer Lavay Smith and her brother Paul owns the popular Royal Cuckoo Saloon and the Royal Cuckoo Market.
So if you want to buy a cool house or have one to sell, call Kat Miller.


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