Ilana Minkoff

Sales Agent
License #01894439

2501 Mission Street,San Francisco

Ilana is a dynamic force in San Francisco's real estate landscape, with over 23 years of unwavering dedication to the city she calls home.
As a proud resident of Cole Valley the entire time, her love affair with San Francisco remains as passionate as ever, making her the ultimate local real estate expert. 
With a legacy rooted in real estate, Ilana is a second-generation REALTOR®, inheriting a commitment to excellence from her father, who has thrived as a REALTOR® in the US Caribbean for over three decades. Real estate and a relentless pursuit of exceptional service are ingrained in her DNA.
Before she ventured into real estate, Ilana honed her skills in the fiercely competitive world of marketing. Over two decades, she contributed her marketing prowess to renowned brands such as Rolling Stone,, Nut Tree, and San Francisco Magazine. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Florida, she brings a unique blend of marketing savvy and strategic thinking to the real estate arena.
Ilana's power lies in her tenacity, her mastery of negotiation, her unwavering integrity, and her meticulous attention to detail. These qualities set her apart and consistently deliver remarkable results for her clients.
But Ilana's influence extends far beyond her real estate prowess. She is a two-time cancer veteran, a testament to her indomitable spirit. Her commitment to giving back is unparalleled, as she actively volunteers and raises funds for multiple cancer survivorship organizations. Additionally, she is a fierce advocate for rescue dogs, working tirelessly to provide these loyal companions with loving homes. She volunteers, fosters, and fundraises for Family Dog Rescue, making a significant impact on countless lives. 
Every real estate transaction with Ilana isn't just a transaction; it's a meaningful step toward a brighter future. A portion of every transaction supports Family Dog Rescue, underscoring her commitment to making a difference.
When she's not championing real estate or philanthropic causes, Ilana explores the city, wine country and world in the company of her beloved 10lb canine sidekick, JoJo Wigglebutt.
Ilana's mission is crystal clear: to redefine what it means to work with a REALTOR®. Whether you're embarking on your first home purchase, navigating the sale of your tenth property, or anywhere in between, her promise is unwavering. She will not only meet your expectations but shatter them. Ilana's goal isn't just to be your REALTOR® for one transaction—it's to be your trusted partner in real estate for life.
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