Holly Doudiet

Broker; Sales Agent
License #01933980

2501 Mission Street ,San Francisco

Her first priority is instilling trust with integrity, stability, and service in each client.
As a 4th generation San Franciscan, Holly has deep roots in The City. She has seen the waves of the San Francisco real estate market, from the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake to the .com bubble in 2000, and the lows of the 2008 recession to the rising market of today. In her younger years, Holly would often observe her family friend and mentor who managed multiple income properties within the City. Fascinated by the real estate market and her mentor’s ability to run a real estate business, Holly, after graduating from Dominican University with a BA degree, decided to pursue her own career in real estate. In 2010, she continued her education at City College of San Francisco, earned an AS degree in Real Estate with a 4.0 GPA, and was awarded top academic honors. Shortly after obtaining her California real estate license in 2018, she gained momentum by becoming a real estate professional in San Francisco’s upscale, Pacific Heights neighborhood.
When working with clients, Holly is instantly drawn to the special relationships that are built between herself and the buyers and sellers with whom she works. Understanding that buying or selling a home is usually an emotional and challenging process, her first priority is instilling trust with integrity, stability, and service in each client.
When Holly is not in the real estate office, she works as a firefighter. She thus brings her advanced knowledge of building construction and safety codes to Vanguard Properties. Having lived in San Francisco for over 36 years, she also has a well-defined perspective on, and passion for, original San Francisco architecture, character, culture, and charm. She likes to think of her two careers as “a challenging but wonderful balance, as I greatly enjoy my work serving the public both as a firefighter and as a provider of information on real estate services in the city that I love.”


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