Erica Whisney

Sales Agent
License #02229068

421 Healdsburg Ave,Healdsburg

Driven. Analytical. Dedicated to the details.
Erica grew up on a farm in Minnesota and was active in 4-H. After earning a BS from the University of Minnesota, she embarked upon a career as a Teach for America teacher in the Bronx, NY. She specialized in working with students with Autism, earning a MS in Special Education and postgraduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. While working in struggling schools, Erica operated with a sense of urgency and planned strategically to ensure her students succeeded. Erica maintains that same drive and focus as she serves her clients. 
As an educator, Erica saw the best in every child, and as a real estate agent, she sees the potential of every property. She has a talent for envisioning what a house could become with a little nurturing. 
Areas of Expertise
·       Remodel Veteran - Erica project managed a craftsman remodel in Healdsburg and is well-versed in working with contractors and designers in the building permitting and construction process. Her rolodex of contacts benefits her clients when they choose a home that is ready to be refurbished. 
·       Housing Market - she served as a member of Healdsburg’s Community Housing Committee from 2016-2017, studying affordable housing and crafting recommendations for the city council on accessory dwelling units.
·       Experienced with Trusts - Erica managed a trust administration involving multiple properties, thus understanding the impact of Proposition 19 on property taxes as well as the child-parent tax exclusion process. She is compassionate and skillful at navigating complex family dynamics in estate matters.  
·       Wine Country Culture - as a Healdsburg resident for over a decade, Erica has a pulse on the community and will happily serve as your concierge in providing recommendations for unique wine country experiences as well as offer insight into the local culture.                                                         
·       Serves the Community - as Chair of Healdsburg PEO’s fundraising committee, she tripled revenue raised for scholarships for women within ten months of her appointment. 
Erica sees the big picture, which is an important asset when unexpected obstacles occur in the buying and selling process. She offers creative solutions and forges a path to her client’s desired outcomes, whether that means making the deal or course-correcting to change strategy. Working with Erica, first time home buyers feel confident, are equipped with the tools they need to understand the process and find their “perfect match” in a home. 
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