Ekaitz Segurola

Sales Agent
License #02224627

1801 Fillmore Street,San Francisco

Born in the southwest region of France, Ekaitz has cultivated a profound interest in home design and real estate, sparked by the distinctive architecture found in the Basque Country.
Ekaitz began his real estate career in France with internships as young as high school. These early experiences taught him how to navigate the market with clients and understand the business at a young age, developing a positive go-getter attitude, adaptability, and strong communication skills.
Despite spending his childhood in France, Ekaitz has deep-rooted family ties in California. Having three generations of family in California, Ekaitz spent his summer vacations visiting San Francisco. These yearly trips instilled in him a love and appreciation for the City, a love that prompted his move to San Francisco to continue his passion for real estate.
Ekaitz prides himself on being very minutious in his work and property analysis. Having worked in his family’s construction and contracting business, Ekaitz learned the importance of the attention to detail and craftsmanship that make Bay Area houses so remarkable. 
Ekaitz’s experience in construction taught him how to pay attention to the little details, things that often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Ekaitz’s grandfather always told him to measure as many times as possible before cutting. He applies this principle of meticulous calculation and care to all of his work, producing outcomes he and his clients admire.
Colleagues and clients alike esteem Ekaitz for his unwavering dedication and relentless work ethic, exemplified during his tenure at Waymo, where he earned the Employee of the Month award twice.  His impactful contributions in the dynamic tech sector exemplify his commitment to excellence. Ekaitz's experience in managing fast-paced tech environments equips him with the agility to navigate the dynamic landscape of real estate transactions and cater effectively to client needs.
Ekaitz is also a dedicated golfer, embracing the sport for its ability to give him a clear mind and the chance to strive for perfection and consistency. Beyond the greens, Ekaitz is an avid car enthusiast, drawn to cars for the exhilaration of driving and their captivating design and engineering.
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