Daniella Brower

Sales Agent
License #02086148
Daniella Brower comes from a family of builders, architects, engineers, and artists.

Over the past 23 years she has been a documentary producer, researcher and writer who has worked in the film, legal and investigative fields. Her long and short-form work has covered a range of issues, including the American criminal justice system, the rise of mass incarceration, international arms trafficking, wildlife, animal welfare and post-Hurricane Katrina social and economic policy. 

The nexus of her interest in storytelling and design comes together in architecture. After building with her husband (a designer and builder,) a house from the ground up and selling, then buying a beautiful decaying Spanish style centurion and re- building again, she decided to combine her excitement for structures and personal narratives with a career in real estate. 

Joining her mother, Norah, whose integrity, dedication, and client advocacy is utilized to represent both sellers and buyers in the competitive Bay Area market, Daniella is inspired to bring her range of relevant skills to real estate. She thoroughly enjoys the multi-faceted, sometimes challenging, but ultimately rewarding process of buying or selling a home. 

Daniella’s deep care for the community and environment keeps her active and donating to various local organizations. She is particularly involved in issues around public education, housing, and animal welfare. 

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