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1801 Fillmore St.,San Francisco

Both buyers and sellers are thrilled to work with Caitlin because no detail goes missed.
Caitlin attended world-renowned university, The University of Melbourne, ranked alongside institutions such as Harvard and Stanford. A BSc graduate with a major in psychology lends itself to the people aspect of real estate. Australia is known for its friendly, often funny and charming community and Caitlin carries these Australian philosophies into her everyday life in real estate.

Caitlin is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and grew up in her family’s luxury fashion business, Scanlan Theodore, known for its Italian silks and yarns and the first to import Christian Louboutin to Australia. She worked in all areas of the business and founded her own businesses across various industries. This level of expertise comes with a breadth of experience related to real estate; finance, marketing, sales, design, customer service, management and working with vendors. Fun Fact: Caitlin’s luxury shoe brand made it into the top 100 businesses for a show featured on a major UK television network. 

Caitlin has been living in San Francisco for 10+ years but has also lived in London, Rome and Florence. Caitlin’s diverse personal, geographic, and business backgrounds enable her to connect with people who have different interests and personalities, from various industries, countries, making her the perfect middle person. This facilitates points of connection with the people who are privy to the real estate transaction; buyers, sellers, other realtors, escrow officers, appraisers, inspectors and loan officers. She thinks outside of the box, thrives on negotiation and zealously advocates for her clients to get them the best terms possible.

Italy is Caitlin’s home away from home. During her time off, you can find her there. She first learned salsa dancing in Italy and has been doing it ever since. Caitlin dabbles in the performing arts where she shares funny stories and performs stand up comedy on stage. She loves to write, create art and can cook some mean Italian and Lebanese cuisine.

Both buyers and sellers are thrilled to work with Caitlin because no detail goes missed. Give Caitlin a call today, at a minimum, to hear her endearing Australian accent.

“I met Caitlin serendipitously at an Aussie Women’s coffee meetup. Little did I know what this chance meeting would lead to…

After introducing ourselves, I mentioned that we were looking to buy a house and she mentioned that she was a realtor. I was already casually working with a couple of other realtors, so I initially declined her offer to help. But she finally convinced me to attend a buyer meeting (with the promise of Tim Tams and coffee), and before you knew it, she was sending me curated recommendations of houses in SF that fit our requirements - of which there were many!

With Caitlin’s keen eye, diligence and efficiency, we managed to acquire our dream house in San Francisco, with more than enough space for our 3 energetic boys. Despite some hiccups from the seller’s side, the entire transaction was relatively smooth and painless, thanks to Caitlin’s expertise and negotiation skills.

The things I loved most about working with Caitlin were her quick response times and her keen attention to detail. She made sure that everything was complete with the house disclosures, and quickly alerted us of any potential issues that she found. If there were any documents missing from the seller, she would hustle to get them and ensure that no stone was left unturned.

I felt really comfortable working with Caitlin, due to her great work ethic and feeling like she had our best interests at heart. She really took the time to listen to any concerns we had, and helped us to make decisions that we were both happy with.

Don’t be fooled by Caitlin’s youthful appearance… She displays wisdom and expertise beyond her years, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give her the highest recommendation to any potential home buyer.”

- Jessica Lee


“Buying a house in San Francisco can be a time consuming process, especially for a first time home buyer like myself. With three kids to care for, a demanding work schedule of a high-tech executive, and a long list of requirements, neither my partner nor I knew how we would navigate the process without quitting our day jobs.

Thankfully, we had Caitlin D’Aprano to guide us through each step, from finding the perfect house and putting in a competitive offer, to closing, and even chasing up loose ends and helping with post-closing logistics. Caitlin filtered through the listings, did her research, handled all communications and patiently explained it all to us, on our schedule, which took a lot off our plate.

She read through each document for us, highlighting items that needed particular attention or a decision. I appreciated this “executive summary” approach as it saved us a ton of time. Caitlin was thorough and attentive in her own review, but also knew which things were significant enough to bring to our attention, and was quick to identify items which were uniquely important to us.

Caitlin was efficient with her communications. She would prepare time sensitive documents quickly, text us to let us know she’d sent them, and how soon we should sign. She was readily reachable by text and email, making asynchronous communication easy - our schedules made it difficult to find a time for a live conversation that worked for everyone.

Overall, working with Caitlin removed a lot of stress from buying a house. Couldn’t recommend her services enough to anyone who is short on time and prefers a more hands-off approach.” 

- Simon Ratner


“Caitlin D’Aprano is a consummate professional. She generously took me on as a client even though my parameters weren’t what she normally works with. We were able to quickly and efficiently find a new place for me in a very limited time  frame. She also handled matters for me while I was out of town, and for that I’m very grateful. Caitlin is very pleasant to work with, flexible, and communicative, which was valuable to me as a Deaf client. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking a new home. Thank you, Caitlin!”

- Bex Freund

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