Arlin Campbell

License #02212564

352 Miller Avenue,Mill Valley

She is a proud Marin County native, possessing an intimate understanding of the community's vibrant real estate market.
Arlin Campbell is a proud Marin County native, possessing an intimate understanding of the community's vibrant real estate market. With a keen understanding of the local landscape, she's a knowledgeable and savvy real estate professional that clients can trust. As a child of real estate investors and lawyers, she was fluent in the language of property ownership from an early age. She spent weekends touring open houses, soaking up knowledge from her father about the unique opportunities and challenges each investment presented. Arlin's free time was devoted to nurturing properties in their portfolio and tending to the needs of their tenants through which she forged strong ties with the local community. Even over dinner, conversations centered around the intricacies of 1031 exchanges, ROI, interest rates, and taxes, instilling in Arlin a deep understanding of the basics of the real estate business.
Arlin has purchased properties that she has personally redesigned and updated. Her renovation projects reflect her distinctive modern style, creating spaces that build equity and deliver higher yields upon sale. Her innate design sense, meticulous attention to detail, and empathetic approach make her a highly sought-after partner for clients and real estate agents alike.
Her creative journey began at the Pratt Institute School of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY, where she studied Advertising, Art Direction & Art History. She joined the Ralph Lauren innovations team where she managed e-commerce marketing and creative direction for five luxury brands, including the Ralph Lauren Runway Collection. Arlin's NYC Luxury Fashion Industry career spanned over a decade, allowing her to hone her artistic vision and gain valuable experience in the operation and complexities of bringing a luxury product onto the market and sustaining its appeal. Her creative process enables her to readily read the market and pivot quickly to maintain the integrity of the product which is a requirement for success in every industry, be it fashion or real estate.
Arlin's unique approach to real estate is based on the idea that no structure is just a house, but a home, and every transaction is an opportunity to create a space that truly reflects the needs and desires of her clients. With her expertise and passion, Arlin's the ideal partner for anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate in the Marin & Sonoma County area.
In her free time with her partner and four beloved bullies, Arlin indulges her passions. She is involved in a number of active hobbies - fishing for salmon in the Pacific Ocean, wake surfing in Napa, sailing in the Bay, and dirt biking in the High Desert.
Arlin's unwavering drive, creative spirit, and tenacity infuse her real estate practice with an always fresh creative approach built on a tradition of hard work and professional best practices.
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