Ann Cordova

License #00597197

2501 Mission Street,San Francisco

Over the past 40+years, Ann has worked with first-time buyers and experienced investors.
Ann’s real estate career began shortly after she moved to the United States from Mainz, Germany, a beautiful city on the Rhine River, more than 50 years ago. She became interested in Real Estate, selling and managing property in Texas, Georgia and Alabama. By the time Ann moved to San Francisco in 1976 and earned her Real Estate license, she was ready to hit the ground running and rapidly became a top producer – selling property all over this gorgeous city.

Over the past 40+years, Ann has worked with first time buyers and experienced investors; has sold all types of properties, be it a condominium, luxury home, apartment building or vacant land; as well as providing the service of executing lease agreements for clients. She is determined to provide her clients with the service that will give them the sale or purchase experience they are hoping for.

At the same time, however, Ann is never pushy. She doesn’t believe in trying to coerce someone into buying or selling before they’re ready, and she treats all of her clients with respect regardless of their price range. She also wants to be proud to list your property in the future if and when you are ready to sell. This long-term strategy almost always results in her sellers getting more than they expected.

Today, a large number of Ann’s clients remain a part of her life – she now sells real estate to their friends, their loved ones, and their grown children. This means more than just pride-in-business to Ann – it shows that their real estate experience with her was a positive one, and one they want to pass along to those most important to them.

Aside from spending time with family and friends, Ann enjoys watching her African Grey parrots come up with new games and sayings. Travel to Christmas Markets in Europe, Mardi Gras in her hometown Mainz or a cruise to Asia or Europe are the stress relievers in Ann’s life.


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