Creative Director

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Mitch Laufer, a New York native who has called San Francisco home for the better part of his life, is Vanguard Properties’ Creative Director, responsible for all aspects of Marketing Design, brand awareness, and philanthropic management.

After moving back and forth from New York to San Francisco three times, Mitch recalled something James Nunemacher, CEO of Vanguard Properties, asserted on Mitch’s last departure for New York: “Mark my words, one day you and I will be working together.” Thirteen years later and he is still happily at Vanguard Properties as the company’s Creative Director, handling communications, advertising concepts and placement, Public Relations, and Website Design.

Mitch is also actively involved in the business development aspects of Vanguard, tapping into his expertise and in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco market honed as a San Franciscan resident and from his days in the wine and food industry, knowing when and what consumers are looking for. His slight addiction to buying and selling numerous homes has also added to/aided this knowledge base.

Additionally, Mitch is responsible for the design, atmosphere and construction oversight of the ten Vanguard Properties’ offices throughout the Bay Area. He accomplishes a contemporary style that is cohesive throughout all offices, while maintaining a unique character for each new office. He also manages event planning for the company and helping agents brand and market themselves and work with developers to identify the target market, project names ,ad campaigns and manage their marketing and project launches.

When not busy , he enjoys spending time having the good food and wine of Healdsburg and traveling the globe for fun and inspiration with his partner and now husband Michael of 35 years.