Camille Hedges

Since entering the real estate industry in 1998, Camille has had the opportunity to educate herself on multiple aspects of the profession aside from simply selling homes. As a Business Development Officer for a national title company, she assisted clients with property research and understanding basic title issues that can arise during the purchase, sale or refinance of a property. Camille also consulted with clients regarding marketing listings and worked with mail-house programs to effectively target homeowners that would be most interested in purchasing or selling their properties. In addition to her work as a Business Development Officer, she was publically acknowledged as the Sales Person of the Year in 2002, 2003 and recipient of the 2004 Sebastopol Chapter of REALTORS® Affiliate of the Year Award.

In 2013, with the assistance and support of her family, Camille and her husband opened an independently owned Frank Howard Allen REALTORS® brokerage in Sebastopol, CA. In less than a year, their brokerage was profitable and thriving with 18 sales associates. One thing she’s learned is that change is constant in this industry. Frank Howard Allen REALTORS® sold the entire company in late 2013, which gave she and her husband the opportunity to make another move. Local is important both professionally and personally, and so after a thorough analysis of market leaders, she chose to merge her brokerage with a local, Bay Area owned company, Vanguard Properties.

Camille looks forward to serving her clients whether they be first time homebuyers or investment professionals.

Client recommendations are available upon request.