Eve Levine

At 17, Eve left the Bay Area to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art and Art History from Barnard College, and immediately fell in love with New York City.

After working in other fields such as professional cooking, public school teaching and photo research, Eve found her way to real estate. Quickly adapting to the rapid pace of the Manhattan and Brooklyn rental and sales markets, Eve built a business based on integrity and high quality of service.

Having grown up in Oakland, Eve knew it was inevitable that she would eventually return home. Two decades spent in New York City then moving back the the Bay Area, Eve jumps from one competitive market into another, armed with over 15 years of residential real estate experience with a top firm.

Eve's eclectic background gives her flexibility, humor and readiness for every possible scenario. Whether working on the side of the buyer or the seller, she is an effective negotiator and an efficient deal maker.

Eve is a food enthusiast, always up for trying out a new recipe or restaurant. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, entertaining friends, and exploring the Bay Area’s many bike trails!