Aileen Mitchell

If a realtor loves what they do, it’s because of what they give and what they receive. What they give is attention to detail, commitment, teamwork, smarts, and heart - and what they receive, it’s really far more meaningful than just the standard commission - it’s the appreciation and camaraderie that often leads to having a client for life.

My name’s Aileen Mitchell. I’m a real estate agent, and I love what I do. I didn’t know this would be my calling when I was growing up in sleepy Sacramento, California. Nor did I have an inkling of it yet when I moved to San Francisco for college and juggled a double B.A. in Speech and Communications and Women’s Studies. Or when I was in advertising school next, earning a second B.A., in Motion Graphics.

I feel the gift in my life has been the way my desire to learn and grow has led me to one welcome mat after the other till I finally found this, my calling. Everything about me - being a problem solver, a stress management champ, a natural organizer, a dedicated fighter for what’s right and fair - it’s all found its ultimate use in this job. Another way of saying, I was made to do real estate.

In very concrete terms, what will this mean to you, my client? It will mean that I will guide the way, be on top of the paperwork, answer every question ever asked by a buyer or a seller, keep you updated every step to closing, while being your naturally friendly and easy-going port in the sometimes stormy process of buying or selling a property.

And FYI - if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “But Aileen, I’m a problem listing, I have delinquent property taxes, I need to clear my junior liens, my cat won’t come down from our tree” - I’m not intimidated. Because I believe that when my expertise helps my client get onto a winning path, when I sell their house and get them the price they deserve… that’s when a happy client becomes a potential client for life.
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27 Juanita Way
San Francisco, CA 94127
3 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,990 Sq.ft.