Gigi Ferrozzo

Gigi Ferrozzo was born and raised in North Beach and Russian Hill, a true native of San Francisco. As a San Francisco resident she is well versed in the evolving and growing dynamics of a city on the move and she knows every neighborhood intimately.

Gigi has transitioned into sales after a long and fruitful career in leasing homes, apartments and condominiums. She has a vast knowledge of the market gives her a leg up in real estate value. She has a proven record of success in placing happy clients into homes. Gigi offers an extensive background of over 10 years experience in property management, leasing, marketing, and resident and property owner relations. Online expertise in the fast-paced new media marketing and advertising arena has established her as a true professional in the field.

Gigi is passionate about real estate and believes that with a positive outlook, you can achieve anything. Her optimism and enthusiasm are infectious. On a more personal note, Gigi is an active supporter of the San Francisco arts, dance and the music community. Gigi loves San Francisco and embraces the unique city lifestyle and vibrant restaurant scene.

Gigi volunteers at Urban Angles SF and Lava Mae in her spare time.

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